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3 Working Tips I learned from a Part-time Job

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

One of my most valuable roles came in the form of a part-time gig. The job would be filled with scents of over 30 fragrances if not more in the form of body lotions, body sprayers, mini hand sanitizers, candles and some of the friendliest faces with one of the best managers EVER! Out of all the retail stores in the mall this was the only one that I caught my eye. I took this job during the earlier part of my military career as I was allowed to obtain a 2nd job. Until this day, it was one of my favorite part-time jobs for so many reasons. It was during this job that I learned the difference between Eau de toilette vs. Eau de parfume. With the latter having a higher concentration so the scent last longer.

The key takeaways, I learned:

Tip #1

There are some instances, where you may be the only person that look like you on the team, it might not be normal to some but in tech it could be more normal that you'd like. In those cases, be yourself at all times and if you are in a position of influence or power work to bring more in that share your commonalities and even differences but they have an understanding of what its like to be the only one.

Tip #2

Good customer service is important. In one instance, a gentleman was looking for a gift for his spouse after I helped him pick out a fragrance that might be suitable for her based off the scents she loved. I was tipped $10 which was something I refused as it was against company policies but I had to take anyways and I did inform my manager.

Tip #3

People notice you without you noticing. This could be by the aura you project or your tone when you communicate. People don't like rude, obnoxious or arrogant people. People want to work with people that bring some expertise but yet, a since of peace.

So, when navigating your entry into the tech field whether as a new grad or career changer, you have many options and paths you can take: 1) Degree, 2) Boot camps 3) Self-taught! There are going to be various materials given, career advice provided, technology tools to learn and people to meet. It is up to you to find the path that will be the most rewarding and have the longest and most lasting effect on you as a person and your career.

But, just sometimes the most impactful moments will come in places, you’d least expect. But take all that you've learned throughout your career especially when it was times you had to face adversity use that to fuel the best version of yourself.

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