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Best Holiday Gifts for #WFH employees under $250

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

With 26% of the US population working from home, it is imperative that we have everything at our fingertips that provide comfortability, accessibility and flexibility in order to perform our daily duties. Many individuals have had to rearrange their entire living spaces to mimic their previous in-office workspace as well as others had to completely start from scratch and build from just receiving their laptop, headset and maybe monitor from work. In retrospect, working from home for some is a challenge and for others it's a mere breeze as it's relatively easy for many to want to mirror what they had accessible in their office to their home as it provides familiarity.

Now, I know I'm a little "tardy for the party" providing you a list of great gifts for your colleagues, friends and family that work from home for the holiday season. So here they are (drum roll):

Flexibility to stand while working is a MUST!

This Flexispot 48 x30 standing desk provides you the flexibility to stand while working rather than sitting all day. The desktop is spacious enough to accommodate (2) monitors on top of all the other gadgets that you utilize on a day-to-day basis. It comes in various colors from black to mahogany brown. Its height adjusts from 28" to 47.6. Its super affordable at $219 on Amazon.

The Nikon of webcams

Logitech is the "Nikon of webcams", they make the absolute best webcams, in my opinion. If you are like me who tried for so long to utilize the laptop built-in webcam then, you realized at some point that this wasn't going to cut it! The Logitech Brio Pro is the ultimate webcam providing an ultra 4K HD resolution at 30fps. It has an adjustable feature and its perfect in any environment. It might be a bit pricey for some but definitely worth the investment especially, if you are continuously in web meetings. You can purchase either on Logitech, BestBuy or Amazon for under $199.

My laptop screen isn't enough

I'm a HP girl; however, I will admit that Dell is one of the best makers of technology especially when it comes to monitors. Picking the right monitor can be tricky as it depends on what you are looking for when purchasing and I know resolution and price are top concerns; however, if you aren't too picky and don't want to spend a massive amount of money then this monitor might just be a good start for you. The Dell 27 FHD monitor features a resolution of 1980 x 1020 with 16:9 aspect ratio, LED backlight and both HDMI and VGA connectors to include an adjustable tilt. You can purchase on Dell for around $159.

Get rid of all those sticky notes all over your desk

Staying organized and prioritizing your responsibilities is a MUST when working from home! In one of my previous roles, I requested a dry-erase whiteboard to hang on the wall as I wanted to not only show those that visit what my day-to-day responsibilities were but to hang as a reminder for myself of what I do that's routine, critical or simply quick reminders. As the days, weeks and months go by we pick up more and more responsibilities so having something other than your Microsoft outlook calendar to serve as an organizer and reminder isn't so bad. The Lockways magnetic white board weighs about 9lbs and can be hung on the wall either landscape or portrait; its sturdy with a bottom tray and just about any dry eraser can be used for writing. It's super affordable on Amazon for $69.

A little bit of wrist support goes a long way

One of the most underrated gifts is the lap desk when I tell you it's super convenient and provide a bit of relief especially for those that are looking for some type of comfort for their wrist. I happened to stumble upon a lap desk at a local store called, "CrazyHotDeals" and I'm so glad I picked it up because I carry it everywhere I go, and it gives me a bit of raise and support for my laptop. The Sofi + Sam multi-tasking lap desk fits up to 15" laptop and features a memory foam cushion for wrist, USB light, mouse pad and a slot for your smartphone. It's the most affordable gift on this list at Amazon for $37.

I need you to simmer down on the noise, please

Being able to work from home without any outside distractions, 260 days and 2080 work hours out the year is a treasure. It's also understandable, if it's hard to obtain if you have small children but no worries the Bose QuietComfort headphones can help you during those hours where you have to be in meetings or in moments of silence. These Bluetooth headphones allow for wireless freedom, clear conversations no matter the location, noise cancelling, comfortability with its ear cushions and up to 24 hours of use after a single charge. It's right at the top of the $250 price as its on sale right now at Bose.

There are so many gifts to purchase for yourself and for others during the holiday season that will provide them all the things they need to have a productive and engaging work experience in 2023 and the years to come. These gifts and brands are only my recommendations and I'm no way in a paid partnership to promote these brand products. That goes to say that there are many more products that provide not only the same but potentially better quality and are more affordable than the ones, I've listed. So do your research and find what works best for you and yours.

If you have any gift ideas that you think should be shared, feel free to add in the comments.

Happy Holidays!

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