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Best Korean Skincare Products For 2023

If you've been wondering how to keep your skin glowing and hydrated, then look no further than K-beauty brands. I've used a lot of beauty brands over the years to help keep my skin soft, blemish-free, and refreshed, so it's no surprise that I would find K-beauty products to be exactly what I needed to add to my existing skincare routine. Korean beauty products are known to be innovative and focus more on keeping your skin hydrated with natural ingredients from snail mucin to honey.

I've been using K-beauty products since 2020. The Korean beauty market value is expected to reach $18.32 billion by 2032, so it's safe to say that K-beauty is here to stay. Check out the K-beauty products I've been using over the years, as many you have probably heard of from Laneige to Then I Met You, and visit Soko Glam, the destination for Korean beauty products, to find more!!!

Then I Met You Cleansing Balm

I love this balm as it was the first cleansing balm I ever used. It glides on your skin smooth and leaves it super soft! I've never used it alone as it is the first product in my daily routine to help remove any makeup or dirt then I follow up with a water-based cleanser. With ingredients such as persimmon, ginseng, and fermented rice water, founder Charlotte Cho curated a great collection of skincare celebrated by culture and innovation; no wonder it has been awarded as a beauty winner from Allure and Birdie.


If you've been looking for a great sleeping mask for your face or lips, look no further than the K-beauty brand Laneige. Founded in 1994, Laneige is known as the "Hydration Expert" in the K-beauty industry. Do you know why? Water keeps everything hydrated.

Their mask makes your lips and skin feel soft and hydrated, whether asleep or awake. Although the products are in a small jar, a little goes a long way.

Cleanse - LUE by Jean Seo

If you've never heard of this brand, you are missing out. I was browsing the middle aisle in Walmart, where they have all the mini-size products to try. I saw this brand and became interested as I looked for more Korean skin products. I saw this cleanse infused with 40% honey and had to try it out, and for $5, I couldn't beat that. After trying this product, I have been in love ever since, from the smell of the honey on your skin to the way it leaves your skin smooth. This is one of my favorite K-beauty brands.

Peach & Lily

If you are looking for a Korean beauty brand that has you covered from head to toe, A-Z then you might want to check out Peach & Lily. Peach & Lily features about 14 brands, and two of them are on my list:

Why do I love these products? Because they help to minimize dark spots, reduce the appearance of blemishes, exfoliate, and keep your skin nourished. One of the main ingredients is in the title. Why is snail mucin so fascinating? It contains proteins, enzymes, iron, zinc, hyaluronic acid, and other ingredients. I would say if you have sensitive skin, I would consult with a dermatologist first.

(Image by Peach & Lily)

The May Coop Raw Sauce is made with 49% maple tree sap; it keeps your skin nourished and hydrated. The consistency is similar to syrup but lighter.

(Image by Peach & Lily)

Beauty of Joseon - Ginseng Essence Water

The Ginseng Essence Water might be an excellent skincare starter if you need skin hydration. This product is known for its hydration and comprises 80% ginseng water. It's very lightweight with a light scent. Reading the reviews alone will tell you why this is a favorite product amongst many customers including myself.

esfolio - Milk Cleansing Foam

I stumbled across this brand one day while browsing the aisles at Marshall's, I loved the packaging as this product caught my eye. It has been my go-to morning facial cleanser for the past three weeks, and I am pleased it is a milk-based cleanser infused with milk protein extracts. My skin feels moisturized, clear and hydrated. Their website is in Korean via their IG; you can also find their products on Amazon, occasionally at Marshall's, and browsing online.

Glow Recipe

It's the smell of Watermelon for me! Thank you, Sephora for introducing me to this product as my beauty insider birthday gift. I've seen this product around for quite a while and had been curious especially as many of their products contain AHA, BHA, and niacinamide, so this was a must-try and at a no-more-perfect time. One thing I really like about this brand is that they offer different size options for customers.

My favorites from this collection:

(Image by Glow Recipe)

(Image by Glow Recipe)

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