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How to incorporate a routine during a career change into tech?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I wonder do remote employees ever think about the “routine” it took to get ready for work, every morning?

When having to get up on those mornings, we got so accustomed to a certain routine that when we no longer needed to follow the routine, many like myself, just stopped altogether. I mean getting up 1-2 hours early, ironing clothes, trying on multiple outfits and dealing with bad hair days, right?!

One of the biggest steps, in my routine was spending quite a bit of time on my skin (not makeup). In the midst of maintaining this one piece of my routine, I realized that as time went by I needed to change some of my products as it needed to more conducive to my current conditions as well as I just simply wanted to learn more on how to effectively take better care of my skin by paying attention to what I take internally and apply externally so in the long run it would take care of me.

While thinking of this, I thought about career changers especially those looking to work into tech who may feel they need to discard their previous routine, in order to prepare for a new profession. DON’T discard all that you know but pull out the things that you need and learn from there. For example, highlight your transferable skills, think about a project you worked on or a question you were asked that was out of your scope but you worked to find an answer, think about a time you had to call tech support for assistance and how they explained what the issue was and the steps to fix, think about a past time hobby and how your love of that could interest you in a position and/or a company that specializes in that i.e. I love corporate social responsibility and fashion (Microsoft & Nike). Focus on a routine that once brought you fulfillment no matter if, personal or professional then think about how you maneuvered into that happiness then soar!

Life happens and things occur unexpectedly, even though you may not be able to use all you’ve become accustomed to don’t forget to find what’s within your “routine” that still could bring you a new perspective or in my case, a new way to improve yourself!

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