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Exploring Orlando's Best Coffee Shops: Part 1

I decided to turn over a new leaf, although I could've waited until the new year. I decided to kick things off in late September, and that was to try working at coffee shops in my area.

This was my absolute first time doing so. Being a hermit doesn't help anyone, not yourself and your overall mental well-being.

I didn't know what to expect, so I googled local coffee shops, and those rated some of the best coffee shops in the Orlando area. From what I gathered on my own and through the recommendations of strangers on the internet, below are the six coffee shops, I visited offered something special, from ambiance to coffee.

  1. Foxtail Coffee Co.

Foxtail Coffee Co. was the first shop on my list. It wasn't crowded when I arrived, which was a plus. If you need a way to clear your nasal passages, the smell of coffee will do precisely that. I loved the rustic aesthetics of the place. I have something similar on my Pinterest board. I found the customer service to be ok, but I might equate that to the possibility of me being a new face. It wasn't a deal breaker, but it was noticeable.

Overall, I'd rate this shop a 3.9/5.

So, if you are in the University area, I'd stop by and grab a regular Vanilla Caramel Cold Brew with no cream; very delicious!

2. Duo58 Community Coffee Bar & Cafe

My 2nd stop was at a coffee bar & cafe located off of Alafaya trail. It is hidden amongst other buildings in a plaza, including a church and gym. I really liked the layout of this location. Upon entering, it was open, spacious, and bright. The design reminds you of a WeWork workspace with long rows of tables that are easy and convenient for work and areas to chat, sip, and read. The customer service was excellent, coupled with the atmosphere.

Overall, I'd rate this shop a 4/5.

So, if you are riding down Alafaya stop by and grab an Iced Peanut Butter Latte and the Euro Chick'N Waffles!

3. JustLove Coffee Clermont

I drove the furthest to visit JustLove Clermont, owned by former NFL player Chris Johnson. Of all the coffee shops visited this one was my least favorite as it didn't give the umph I had anticipated. I ordered a breakfast platter of fruit, waffles, eggs, bacon, ham, and sausage. My waffles reminded me of the kind you can make at the LaQuinta Inn, and my beverage of choice was CoCo Loco. The latter was ok, and the customer service was ok as well. The only downside was that this coffee shop felt more like a meeting place than a space to go and work, as outlets were only available near some tables.

Overall, Overall, I'd rate this shop a 3/5.

I recommend you try it out for yourself!

4. Lobos Coffee Roaster

On the 4th down, while in the Audubon Park area, I stopped at Lobos Coffee Roaster settled in between Winter Park Rd and Corrine Dr. I have been near this area since I previously worked off of Lakemont Ave as the area is one of the most pristine, quaint, and bougie areas in all of Orlando, lol! What I've been looking for in the a lot of the shops visited is aesthetics, and this one didn't disappoint as it was clean with a minimalist design. I ordered off their fall menu, and although my cup was half-filled (seriously!), their Maple Bourbon Cortado was quite yummy as it was a perfect blend of their bourbon barreled aged maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Note: I can't wow you with any visuals of my drink because it literally came in a white cup without a logo!

Overall, I'd rate this place 3.7/5

If you happen to be in the Audubon Park area, stop by Lobos Coffee and try out a treat from their Fall menu. Don't get it to-go but stay there and enjoy it!

5. Scooter's

Thanks to the IG account Orlandoeatsout for introducing me to my 4th shop. On my latest random day off, I stopped by the Oak Ridge location and grabbed an Iced Candy Bar Latte. I wonder if I was thirsty or the drink was too smooth because half of it was gone by the time I drove off. The drink didn't taste of any candy bar, in my opinion, but it was still good overall.

Overall, I rate this place on coffee alone 3.9/5.

If you happen to be in the Oak Ridge or Colonial area, stop by Scooter's Coffee and grab you an Iced Latte or another one of their offerings.

6. Double O's Coffee

Coming in last is Double O's Coffee located on E. Colonial, I made so many wrong turns to find a way to their drive-through that I almost gave up! Not really. The menu was extensive (sorry no photo) so I wasn't quite sure what to order, so I asked the friendly worker about one specific drink. The Iced Tortuga made with hazelnut + mocha + caramel was, oh my goodness, so good topped with whipped cream 😋 the trip weaving through congested traffic at 7:30 in the morning was worth it!

Overall: 4.3/5

If you're in the Colonial area and looking for a coffee shop with more beverages to drink than Starbucks, i recommend you check it out.

As this was the first time, I've ventured out to try different coffee shops throughout the area, I think I did pretty well; they are all well worth trying out!

If you've tried any of them let me know in the comments!

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