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From Cradle to Grave

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

From the moment of inception to conception, parents are overjoyed with the news of bringing new life into the world but as the last three months approach, they are also being innate of ”how to” protect and shield them from the world that awaits them. As they enter into this “new” world from a baby to a toddler, they are young, careless and carefree with no clue of the cruelness that awaits them. As they enter into adolescence and adulthood, they begin to walk this very fine line attempting to avoid all dangers seen and unseen protecting their parents investments (self) in order to secure that unreachable but obtainable dream. There are those that will never know what it is like to not have to worry about walking a fine line nor attempting to avoid any dangers because they do not have to live in fear and/or be afraid of persecution for making one wrong move. During this period of adulthood, they begin to become aware of the reality that they are facing and in actuality, it becomes a wake up call to them all. For over 400 years, Black Americans have been fighting for EQUALITY, Equality in housing, Equality in the workplace, Equality in education but most of all Equality in human rights. You would think the latter would be the easiest one to obtain but as we have seen within recent events and over the years, it has ultimately been the absolute hardest to achieve. For 400 years, Black Americans have been lynched, beaten, humiliated, spewed on and lost their lives trying to hold America accountable for the promises they wrote beginning in 1787. So how do we fix this “American” issue? Who do we hold accountable? How do we make it so another 400 years won’t pass where those generations won’t have to pick up the pieces from the generations before?

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