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What is Customer Experience in the Digital Transformation Age?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

What is the customer experience?

The customer experience is when you allow the customer to take part throughout the entire journey of the product the company is selling. It could be from the time the order is placed, the movement of the product and even allowing the opportunity for the customer to engage with the customer service and/or support team. It could also include taking the customer reviews and inputs incorporating it into new products and features.

Allowing the customer to provide you feedback on how to make your product better is key to the sustainability of any company as without the customers the product will not be a success. So, it's important that its well-received and likable because it'll boost revenue, cut down on churn and increase overall customer satisfaction as they'll return and refer.

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology within business areas, in order to adapt new changes or modify existing ones within business operations resulting in delivering value to the customer.

How does digital transformation affect customers?

According to VOXCO, Customer experience is an essential factor in business that plays a vital role in digital transformation. Innovation and improvement in customer experience is an important element that paves the path for the growth and success of a business.

According to Mckinsey, a customer experience digital transformation can increase the revenue of a company by 20 to 50%.

Many companies that have previously incorporated and are continuously improving their customer experience in the age of digital transformation such as:

Domino's - Pizza tracker

McDonald's - mobile ordering, AI drive thru, ordering units

Netflix - home entertainment from mailing DVDs to streaming

With technology steadily evolving the reliability of the customer has become more prominent as many technology companies are offering subscription-based services from Netflix, Hulu to Amazon AWS and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Edge computing. The voice of the customer is becoming louder and louder.

If you've never thought about looking at opportunities in this field, I highly recommend you do so. Digital transformation and #customerexperience roles are great for individuals who are great problem-solvers and analytical thinkers.

Below are a few areas that may be of interested to you as you search for your next technology role:

- Digital Transformation Manager

- Organizational Change Manager

- Customer Experience Manager (CX)

- Customer Support Manager

- Technical Support Consultant/Representative

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