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How to Choose the Right IT Career for You: DevOps Engineer

Would you like a role in which you help to deliver IT applications and services in a more efficient and effective way? If so then, you should consider a career as a DevOps Engineer.

What do I need to know to become a DevOps Engineer?

What is a DevOps Engineer?

What is DevOps? DevOps is a methodology that is a set of practices and tools that work to integrate IT operations and software development. In order for DevOps to be a success, an organization must have the right people, the right culture, and the right tools therefore, its imperative for there to be collaboration between the two teams. A DevOps Engineer's primary focus is working with development and operation teams to assist with the development, deployment, and maintenance of software releases.

Is a career as a DevOps Engineer worth it?

Yes, a career as a DevOps Engineer is totally worth it as it relies a lot on understanding software development and being able to bridge the gap between teams by effectively communicating and efficiently collaborating across IT teams.

Salary Expectations:

What do I need to get started as a DevOps Engineer?

The requirements for a DevOps Engineer are a bit different than many IT roles as it typically isn't seen as an entry-level role. As many professionals have an IT degree or previous work experience as a Software Engineer. Some skills required for this role are coding, software development, Linux, and familiarity with DevOps tools. However, if you want to explore this as an option and you don't have an IT degree and/or lack the experience mentioned above, you can look for DevOps boot camps or begin on the self-training path by taking courses on The Linux Foundation, PluralSight software development, A Cloud Guru - A PluralSight company cloud computing and etc. Many DevOps self-paced courses can also be found on Udemy, and LinkedIn.

Certifications to consider:

There are a plethora of DevOps certifications, you can seek to boost your professional career such as the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, Certified Kubernetes Administrator, Docker Certified Associate, and Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer to name a few. However, before you embark on a certification path, I would highly suggest ensuring you have the foundations and knowledge in the DevOps field as you want to ensure that you thoroughly understand the role as some of these certifications can be a bit pricey.

There are many great resources to aid you in determining if this is the career for you. If you have decided that this is a path worth exploring then make sure you connect with professionals that work in this specific area of IT. You can connect with these individuals on LinkedIn, discord communities, or at any of the ongoing IT conferences being held in 2023.

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