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How to Choose the Right IT Career for You: GRC Analyst

Are you someone that's looking to pivot into tech and have experience working around assessing risk and/or working with organizations to ensure regulatory regulations were met i.e. compliance? If so, then consider a career as a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) Analyst.

What do I need to know to become a GRC Analyst?

What is a GRC Analyst?

A GRC Analyst is a very important role within an IT Organization. GRC analysts perform security assessments and audits on an organization's technology to ensure systems and policies are in compliance and that necessary measures are taken in order to identify, manage and mitigate risks.

Is a career as a GRC Analyst worth it?

Yes as this role is a part of the "front-line defense" in technology, you work as a member of a team that works to ensure that IT organizations are managing risks, implementing security policies, and adhering to business regulations and laws.

Salary Expectations:

What do I need to get started as a GRC Analyst?

First, determine if this sounds like a path worth exploring and from there, you can start taking foundational courses to get an introductory exposure to the GRC career. You can look for these courses on either Udemy, or LinkedIn, as well begin informational chats with GRC professionals.

Certifications to consider: (click on the link to learn more).

There are many great resources to aid you in determining if this is the career for you from credentialing organizations such as ISC2 and ISACA. But, the most undefeated resources is finding professionals that work in this specific area in IT. You can connect with these individuals on LinkedIn or attend IT Security events that occur throughout the year.

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