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How To Deal with Changes in Your Life?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

When dealing with life's transversal evolution, we encounter so many things that taint our views of what we perceived to be true, false, right, wrong or even up and down. Obscurity is a mug! I believe this is due to many individuals avoidance of what is truly our reality. I decided to take two days off from my job because I felt the need to take me some time to really absorb all that I have been trying to accomplish over the past year and a half; needless to say, it's still a mystery. These two days were the beginning of a rework within me, I knew this was needed because the provocation of change is an initiation of a shift.

When I was younger, I had dreams of being everything from a backup dancer because I love the melodic moves of Aaliyah and choreographer, Fatima to having a post-it note plastered on my bedroom mirror in 10th grade aspiring to attend the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) with the aspirations of becoming an OB/GYN. I, even, had hopes of attending Washington University in St. Louis to study Journalism but instead of pursuing either of my dreams, I decided to skip line and join the military. That's not to say that I felt like I had made a mistake because I didn't, but it did lead me down a path of complacency and the complete forgetfulness of what it was that I had buried deep in my heart.

After my time, in the military, I still didn't pursue either of my dreams as providing for my family superseded any goals, ambitions or aspirations, I once had as a young teen. I went from point A to point D, back to point B and now back point to A. I had so many obstacles come my way that it prevented me from seeing what it is that is right in front me but on the flip side, my mind is filled with a 100 puzzle pieces just trying to come together to form a picture. Although, I haven't found the one piece needed to begin the work, I just know that when the work does begin that's when the clock will start.

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