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Does Networking Actually Help You Land a Job?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

I understand the importance of “networking”; however, I think it’s important that individuals have supported data to reassure them that what they are doing is indeed working for them.

“What is the percentage of individuals obtaining job referrals after building a relationship with their connections? This is assuming the end goal is to obtain employment.

“What is the success rate of those that applied via job boards w/o networking that either got an interview and/or hired?”

I’ve come across many comments where individuals have mentioned they’ve been reaching out to connections rather recruiters or individuals in their ideal roles yet they are coming up short.

I believe it’s imperative for these questions to be answered:

“How long does an individual need to build a relationship with a connection before they reach out for advice and/or job opportunity?”

“Does one need to build a relationship or establish a connection to reach out for support/advice?”

“What should one do if networking isn’t rendering results?”

“How does one stand out amongst several others that are reaching out to the same connections to include individuals within the connection company?”

I, also, believe it’s important not to discourage people from simply applying online as many individuals are still being interviewed/hired through this method.

“Are hiring managers, recruiters and other connections overlooking applicants that apply via job boards because they didn’t connect with them or anyone in the company?”

We must, also, be understanding and empathetic to those who have a hard time putting themselves out there and not force them to do anything that makes them uncomfortable as many people have different ways to how they develop and build relationships with others.

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