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How to get employers to see your potential for your first IT job

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

For the past two years, I have been providing career services support via a veteran nonprofit organization. Many of the individuals, I have the opportunity to engage with are seeking advice on how to obtain roles within IT Support, Helpdesk, desktop support and system administration.

One of the things I do in these sessions that I find very important is to help them see what’s not on their resume by being able to breakdown down every single detail of what they have done, in their career. It’s really easy for military personnel because there were/are so many additional duties that we don’t realize we are doing what we are doing at the moment!

I have a methodology where I’m able to help you see what you can’t see lol!

I have found that many individuals seeking entry level roles or considering a career pivot into IT have the necessary skills and some have even worked IT roles; however like me our current experience overshadows what we have done therefore, it makes them feel as if they have to start over!

The question that always come to mind is how do we, collectively, (jobseekers/career support personnel/resume writers/mentors) determine whether or not an individual must start from the bottom?! Or could it simply be indecisiveness or lack of confidence in skills/abilities?!

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