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New Town...Same State...Blah Feelings...

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

For the past 3 years, I have been searching for the right opportunity to leave my previous place of work and ultimately leaving the city, I’ve called home for 5 years. As I searched and searched for opportunities many came my way but oddly, I found reasons to turn them down. Now, I will admit that although I may be equipped with the ability to capture and transform my skills into words of art on paper. I am in no way at the moment possessing a skillset that’s a rarity or in high demand. So I can’t call my own shots and I don’t always get noticed on the first try. But throughout, my job search I enlisted the aid of LinkedIn, made connections with industry professionals as well as simply putting myself out there. In some cases, it was like running into a brick wall and others felt like I was running the last leg of the 4x4 so close to the finishline but always fumbling the baton. After coming so close on many other occasions things began to resonate that possibly these aren’t meant for me or that it’s not my time to leave so I waited....

Fast Foward, I interviewed and accepted a job which required me to relocate within the same state just further NW. The move itself was seamless because the job offered me a full relocation package which is an exceptional benefit. I’ve moved several times over the last 10 years and not having to use your own finances is heaven. Despite the move working out so perfectly for me, the one thing I didn’t realize at the time is that the place I relocated to is not the same place, I knew it to be 9 years ago. Yes, I once lived here before and absolutely loved it but I left after a close friend of mine died. It feels different, I feel disconnected, I feel unsettled and it simply doesn’t feel like a place I’d want to call my home. Now, I know I just arrived and I’m supposed to give it time but when you know you know and energy and intuition don’t lie. I say what I’m about to say now but not in contradiction of what I just said, I did pray for God to send me to the place, I’m supposed to be in order for me to fulfill my purpose and the call he’s given over my life. So despite my personal feelings, I have to be patient and know that there is a reason that I cannot see as to why this was truly the one opportunity that lined up perfectly!

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