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Take Control of Your Future After a Layoff and Start Building Toward a Brighter Tomorrow

Layoffs have become an unfortunate reality in many people's lives especially those that work in the technology industry. As companies reduce their workforce for many reasons that could be due to the increase in automation of jobs and/or the ever-changing technology landscape it’s important to understand how you can effectively navigate through these layoffs in hopes, that it finds you the ability to take control of your future and start building the tomorrow that you have envisioned for yourself over the past years.

How do you take control?

I believe you must find your grounding and instead of thinking about the "why" "what" and "how" things happened you focus more on the positivity of what you were able to accomplish throughout the duration of your time at your employer. As in many cases, layoffs come at some of the most unforeseen times and it takes everyone affected by the storm but in many cases, it was not due to your work performance as you may have been excelling; however, the company decided to make a financial or futuristic move which in turn either is going to be good or a regretful one later down the road. So take control by holding your head high, giving yourself grace, and being proud of what you may have had to endure, and the challenges you overcame during the face of adversity while employed.

Start building toward a brighter future.

We overcame COVID two years and now in our 3rd year post-pandemic, we are facing another challenge and that's working to overcome the strange downward turns in the housing market, job market, and economy as a whole. We've learned a lot of lessons over the last few years, one of them being that nothing will or can last forever. In that case, there's no better time to start focusing on yourself, your health, your family, and your dreams than now. So I say, "Go for it". If you want to make a career change - “Go for it!”, You want to experience a new city - “Go for it!”, You want to take up a new hobby - “Go for it” because only you can determine the course, you’d like to take for yourself! When things don’t work out don’t be afraid to try something different. Life is one big experiment full of experiences each day we inch towards the life we want and in many cases, it requires us to take a risk that is well within reach.

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