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How I Coped with Being Quarantined in 2020?

Updated: 5 hours ago

I read somewhere that yesterday was Day 70 of the world being quarantined. “Has it really been 70 days since we’ve had normalcy?” Now let that sink in so how much longer will life be at a standstill for us, that my friend is the million dollar question. I don’t believe anyone has any idea because throughout this pandemic, we’ve had to readjust and re-evaluate what we define now as “normal”. I, myself, am a homebody by nature, I have always been able to find solace in the sanctuary of my own home. I keep myself entertained and busy by investing in a new craft roughly every other week as well as baskin in the finds of a good book. These are things that have been cemented into my everyday life for the past 5 years and yes at times, I do feel like I am isolating myself from the enjoyment of the world outside but change and stepping out of your shell can be frightening at times. So what has become the new normal for the first part of 2020? I would say enjoying the company of loved ones, cooking more meals, finding ways to decorate your home, binge watching TV shows that you may not have ever watched, enjoying nature once more, eating healthier food and/or indulging in more sweets, zoom meetings with coworkers and/or friends and most importantly keeping yourself safe and making the best out of an unforeseen event. Despite the way to which we are living now what we defined as our new normal with somehow become engrained into our everyday life from this point going forward.

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