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Why You Should Learn an Enterprise Platform To Help Build Your Technical Skills?

With the constant changes in today's world of rapidly evolving technology, its almost imperative for professionals to gain technical skills across various industries. One effective way to acquire these skills is by learning an enterprise platform. Platforms such as Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Tableau, PowerBI, ServiceNow, PeopleSoft, and Workday offer comprehensive solutions widely adopted by businesses worldwide. I see this as an opportunity to look outside of the main three: AI, Cloud, and Cybersecurity, and explore other areas that might land you an opportunity quicker than the previous. That's not to say this route is easier or harder; it's another way to gain more specialized experience and help companies automate and integrate their internal processes.

Story Time: Before working for the Federal Government, I'd never heard of SAP, and although I was a power user, I saw firsthand the intricacies of the platform as well as all of the data that fed through it to give us the output needed when managing the organization's procurement workflow. With my experience in SAP, I was offered role years later based on my expertise and knowledge. So it's possible!

"By learning an enterprise platform, you position yourself as a valuable asset in the job market".

What do I gain from learning an enterprise platform?

Diverse Technical Proficiency:
  • Gain a solid foundation in CRM, data analytics, HR management, finance, and more.

Professional Credibility:
  • Demonstrate hands-on experience navigating complex systems, boosting your credibility in the eyes of potential employers.

Opportunity for Growth:
  • Uncover avenues for continuous improvement, ensuring your relevance in the ever-evolving tech industry.

So what are some of the enterprise platforms that I might explore?

Salesforce - cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that manages customer accounts, sales, services and marketing initiatives.

SAP - business technology platform that helps organizations manage every facets of business from finances, logistics, budget, HR and procurement.

Oracle - Data platform that helps businesses manage their data

Tableau - an analytics platform that serves as a reporting tool to help businesses report and analyze their data; it can transform raw data into interactive data.

PowerBI - Business Intelligence platform, quite similar to Tableau but a Microsoft product, it helps you visualize your data and allows for customization of dashboards and reports.

ServiceNow - cloud-based platform for automation workflow its a leader amongst IT Service Management (ITSM) tools; it functions about the same as Salesforce it too is a CRM platform.

PeopleSoft - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform that helps organizations manage their business operations just like SAP.

Workday - Human Resource (HR) and finance system mostly recognized with HR as it helps organizations manage their payroll, benefits and etc.

There's many more out there and many of these platforms provide the same services it just depends on the company. I'd look into whose the leaders amongst their platform as well as how many companies use that specific platform. However, consider embarking on a journey of career transformation by delving into the dynamic realm of enterprise platforms as this experience can provide you a diverse technical proficiency, gain professional credibility and opportunities for growth.

Have you ever considered the immense benefits these platforms offer in today's tech-driven landscape?

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