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5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your In-Home Office

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Last year, it was reported that 26% of the US population worked from home; however, that number has decreased by more than half to 12.7% with 28.2% working hybrid, according to Forbes article, "Remote Work Statistics and Trends in 2023". There isn't much of a need to have everything at your fingertips as most things that can provide you comfort, accessibility, and flexibility can almost be leveraged through the procurement office at work. Just joking; although fewer people work remotely, that doesn't mean you still can't find things to enhance your in-office workspace to make it more cozy. From upgrading your webcam to an ergonomic laptop desk these are great holiday gift ideas to make anyone smile.

"The Nikon of webcams"

picture of a black webcam

(Image credit: Logitech)

This webcam stays on my list again this year. Logitech is the "Nikon of webcams", they make the absolute best webcams, in my opinion. If you are like me, who tried for so long to utilize the laptop's built-in webcam, then you realized at some point that this wasn't going to cut it! The Logitech Brio Pro is the ultimate webcam providing Full HD 1080p light correction and autoframing. It has an adjustable feature, and it's perfect in any environment. It might be a bit pricey for some, but it is definitely worth the investment, especially if you are continuously in web meetings. Buy Now on Logitech for $129.

"I need you to simmer down on the noise, please"

picture of black headphones

(Image credit: Bose)

Being able to work from home without outside distractions, 260 days, and 2080 work hours out the year is a treasure. It's also understandable if it's hard to obtain if you have small children, but no worries, the Bose QuietComfort headphones can help you during those hours when you have to be in meetings or moments of silence. These Bluetooth headphones allow for wireless freedom, clear conversations no matter the location, noise canceling, comfort with its ear cushions, and up to 24 hours of use after a single charge. Buy Now on Bose for $249.

"Save space and ergonomic"

picture of silver laptop with a desert background elevated high on a silver stand
Laptop on a stand

(Image credit: Amazon)

With over 3k reviews on Amazon amassing 4.8 review this universal laptop stand fits perfectly for laptop sizes ranging from 10" - 17.3". It's adjustable, portable, and overall, it simply looks sleek and good. Buy Now on Amazon for $28

"I need comfort by working from the sofa"

picture of a tan-colored flat desk with a silver laptop, cellphone, white AirPods case, and tan card holder.
Lap desk

(Image credit: Arlo Skye)

For those who opt out of sitting at their desk all day, here's a lap desk that is ergonomic with a built-in tray, cellphone dock, and cushion lap perfect for working in bed or on the sofa. Buy now on Arlo Skye for $112

"Say goodbye to excessive sticky notes"

picture of a black whiteboard with black and white markings.
Desk whiteboard

(Image Credit: Fluidstance)

If you are anything like me, you jot-down a lot of notes for work and or leisure aimed to not forget anything! With this slope desk whiteboard by Fluidstance, you can say goodbye to the need to keep sticky notes and notepads. It has a magnetic dry-erase marker and fits perfectly between your keyboard and monitor. Buy Now on Fluidstance for $69.

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