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Sipofdetechlife Year 2023 in Retrospect

Goodbye, 2023 and Hello, 2024!

The year 2023 has been cemented for the history books, and there's no doubt that for many, it'll be one that one will always remember the same as 2020. I have learned a lot and explored opportunities that I would've typically been too nervous to either mention or even begin planning. Although some of my expectations and goals didn't come to fruition, I look forward to cultivating them even more in 2024 to begin seeing the fruits of my labor.

Snippets of Sipofdetechlife Year 2023 accomplishments from the desk of the curator:

  • Revamped blog site to make it more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing

  • Curated 35+ blog posts

  • Created content that included more lifestyle, beauty & fashion

  • Explored Canva to incorporate more graphics

  • Increased site traffic by 25%

  • Published our most successful post, "Alternative Career Paths to PM"

I'm ending this year more determined, ambitious, daring, and confident in my dreams, goals, and capabilities. If you have goals that weren't obtainable in 2023, don't discard them; instead, roll them over to 2024 because you never know how things will turn out for you.

On behalf of Sipofdetechlife, I wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope that 2024 produces endless results for you, personally and professionally.

Farewell 2023, Cheers to 2024!

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