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5 Soft Skills That You Need in Your Career

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Soft skills are super essential in the technology field as depending on your role, you’ll spend a great deal of time interacting and collaborating with team members across different verticals.

My most recommended soft skills for anyone that wants a meaningful career:

1. Active listening

You must be able to fully listen to your coworkers, clients/customers and various teams to which you are providing a service to fully understand their needs as well as their wants. Most importantly, it’ll help you figure out the root cause of any issues the client/customer is facing at the moment and potentially long-term resulting in a proactive approach.

2. Effective communication

You have to be able to convey your message rather it’s in person, email, slack or via teams so tailoring your message to your respective audience is key! You want to alleviate frustration on them as well as yourself! But use this as a teaching moment. One thing, I did while working desktop support was to always walk the customer through the issue as well as the steps I took to resolve them. This also made them aware so they can avoid this recurring as well as it showed them they can troubleshoot as well.

3. Empathy

This can go both ways but know that everyone will not have the same day as you so in the mist of their frustration show patience, understanding and respect and if it becomes too hard sometimes, it’s ok to say give me a minute to the point where you may have to walk away or ask them if you can return their call.

4. Problem solving

In order to determine the root cause of any issue, you have to first understand what led you to this in the beginning so identify the problem then follow your steps to reach a solution. Don’t rush to a conclusion and don’t assume you know the answer if you haven’t take the time to analyze the issue.

5. Teamwork

This one is self-explanatory but utilize those around you. Teamwork makes the dream work! Even if you work alone, you won’t be able to accomplish everything alone. So I can’t say this loud enough but when in doubt, ASK for help, guidance or support trust me it’ll take you a bit farther.


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